Posted by: David Harley | September 7, 2011

Jumping at Shadows*

On Friday, Shadowserver announced on one of its mailing lists that it had overhauled its “AV Test Suite”. Ironically enough, I didn’t see the message until the weekend because I was at a forensics conference talking about (among other things) AV multi-scanning. It would have been a good topic to address in the presentation put together by myself and Virus Total’s Julio Canto, but there you go: my bibliography is littered with papers and presentations that would have been significantly different if I’d been clairvoyantly gifted…

In any case, I was contacted by Kevin Townsend, asking my thoughts on the topic. If you’re interested in those thoughts, and Kevin’s, as well as the thoughts of Panda’s Luis Corrons, Kevin’s article on the topic is here: Shadowserver’s new anti-virus test suite – how good is it?

I’ve also expanded on those thoughts on Shadow boxing for SC Mag.

*A song by Duster Bennet recorded long, long ago by Fleetwood Mac. 🙂

ESET Senior Research Fellow


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