Posted by: David Harley | September 30, 2011

Two excellent testing articles

One by Eugene Kaspersky (yes, that Kaspersky) on “Benchmarking Without Weightings: Like a Burger Without a Bun” (hat tip to Larry Bridwell for drawing my attention to it.)

Memorable extract: “Alas, practically all benchmarking tests don’t bother with weightings, bunching apples and oranges, and pears and peaches – and bananas and hamsters – all together as being the same.” His conclusion is that no-one can authoritatively measure the quality of an anti-virus solution: “there really isn’t a test like that – one that I could unambiguously recommend as the best indicator.”

And Lysa Myers, of West Coast Labs, has a comment piece in October’s Virus Bulletin about “Why there’s no one test to  rule them all,” with a somewhat similar conclusion: “Because every product has strengths and weaknesses, having a variety of different tests is essential.” You’ll need to be a subscriber to read it.

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