Posted by: David Harley | January 28, 2013

AV Comparative Testing Guide

[I just looked at the document – which is seriously relevant to an article I’m working on – and noticed an error of fact which is probably of no interest to the world in general, but might justifiably irritate my fellow-authors of the AVIEN book to which it refers. The document below is updated to correct that error and includes some other minor updates. I’ll probably revisit it shortly to check other stuff like links, but in the meantime the document is back… DH, 7th November 2016.]

This av_comparative_guide_1-3 (nothing to do with the testing organization AV-Comparatives) is actually a pretty old document referenced in the AMTSO principles document AMTSO Fundamental Principles of Testing available from the AMTSO documents page. However, the guide itself is not available directly on or from the AMTSO page, so I figured for completeness’ sake it should be made available here.

The guide (actually called “Untangling the Wheat from the Chaff in Comparative Anti-Virus Reviews”) was originally written after a Linux-focused  ‘test’ that offered an object lesson in how not to test. 😦


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