Posted by: David Harley | September 19, 2015

AMTSO feature check – compressed files

The recently refurbished AMTSO site has added a new feature settings check to its pages.

The Feature Settings Check for Desktop Solutions page now includes a page where you can Test if my protection against the download of compressed malware is enabled. Perhaps I should have said ‘your protection’ rather than ‘my protection’: I already know about the packages I use. 🙂

The page contains the EICAR test file presented in 11 file compression formats:

  1. ZIP
  2. ZIPX
  3. 7-ZIP
  4. WinRAR
  5. targz
  6. ACE
  7. CAB
  8. JAR
  9. LZH
  10. RAR-SFX
  11. ZIP-SFX

In short, if your anti-malware product lets you download the file in one of these formats, there is a problem. You’d think that most products would support scanning inside these types of file in this day and age (though even a decade or so ago it was quite a different story), but the feature may not be activated for all products by default. At the moment only two products are listed as supporting this check page, but that doesn’t mean that other products don’t have support for compressed file scanning. I imagine others will be added in due course.

David Harley

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