Posted by: David Harley | January 12, 2016

Exorcising the APT

It’s almost a relief for a jaded security researcher to hear about the Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley, who apparently removes malware using a number of alternative techniques including ‘magic spells’ and ‘magic charms’, but hasn’t so far claimed that anti-virus is dead and that Wicca is the security service that has replaced it. Even better, she has never used – as far as I know – the term APT or claimed that there is no way in which the effectiveness of her product can be tested.

Apparently, she is able to draw out a virus using a black bowl with a magnet and water, following up with saging (whatever that is), purification and a protection spell. All of which sounds perfectly testable, if a little labour-intensive.

So if your PC appears to be a basket case, maybe you should make sure it’s a Wicca basket.

HT to Julio Canto, who drew my attention to the Motherboard article. (And to Simon Edwards for his work on testing APT-oriented products.)

David Harley

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