Posted by: David Harley | January 15, 2017

Testing the Internet of Things

The security community has long been concerned about the potential for compromise of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). Recently, it has become commonplace to add Internet connectivity to objects that in the past functioned quite happily without connectivity. It seems that there are plenty of people who see advantages to being able to control all sorts of things from light bulbs to televisions to heating to kettles, though I sometimes wonder whether in some instances they’re mostly manufacturers rather than consumers, who may not be desperate to control everything in the house through a smart app. However, it’s been apparent time and time again that manufacturers in this market segment are not always giving security the attention it requires.

Well, I won’t bore you all (or both…) with another Luddite rant, in case I start to sound too much like a Jeffrey Deaver killer. However, I applaud AV-Test‘s initiative in setting up a site to record their testing of IoT device security. Right now the articles there seem to be focused on IP cameras, an area that AV-Test has also addressed more generally on its mothership site. It’s not an area I’m sufficiently conversant with to comment on AV-Test’s reviews, but given the organization’s recent experience in this field and its reputation in the field of anti-malware testing, I imagine they’ll be up to the usual high standards.

David Harley


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