Posted by: David Harley | February 5, 2018

Latest test reports from SE Labs

I haven’t examined these latest reports in detail, but SE Labs testing is better than most.

See the introductory article here: Hacked! Will your anti-malware protect you from targeted attacks?

Simon Edwards says:

“In this test we’ve included indiscriminate, public attacks that come at victims from the web and via email, but we’ve also included some devious targeted attacks to see how well-protected potential victims would be.”

David Harley

Posted by: David Harley | November 10, 2017

That VB 2017 paper…

…is now available on the Virus Bulletin site.

VB2017 paper: The (testing) world turned upside down

David Harley

Posted by: David Harley | October 26, 2017

AV-Test look at anti-malware for Android

The Register comments on the recent AV-Test look at anti-malware programs for Android. Good performance almost all round, with Google’s own Play Protect trailing the pack by some way.

The Register: “Google Play Protect is ‘dead last’ at detecting malware on Android – Don’t expect ads giant to stop all software nasties for you – it certainly can’t”

AV-Test: “The best antivirus software for Android – AV-TEST Product Review Report – Sep/2017

David Harley

Posted by: David Harley | October 11, 2017

Interesting ransomware testing action…

…from my old (in the nicest way possible) mate Roger Thompson. I haven’t been following the blog closely so far, but Roger has lots of hands-on experience in the industry (far more than I do): I don’t doubt that he knows what he’s about…

Thompson Cyber Security Labs

David Harley

Posted by: David Harley | October 11, 2017

The (Testing) World Turned Upside Down

Sadly, this is probably the last paper I’ll write for a Virus Bulletin conference. 16 VB papers is probably enough for one career, and at my age travel is more difficult than it was in the 1990s. 🙂

The abstract is here: ‘The (testing) world upside down‘. Yes, it’s yet another paper on testing…

And the paper itself is here: David Harley, The (Testing) World Turned Upside Down, October 2017, Virus Bulletin. Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin.

HT to Bruce Burrell and Nick FitzGerald for wordsmithing and sanity-checking.

David Harley

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