Posted by: David Harley | October 18, 2016

Machine Learning: Hot or Hype?

For the Kaspersky blog,  explodes some myths about the Machine Learning buzzword. While I agree that the term is vastly over-hyped by some nextgen vendors, ‘n’ makes some fair points in a comment.

Five myths about machine learning in cybersecurity

Malanov’s point about the reluctance of nextgen vendors to submit to testing is well-taken, but in several cases that reluctance seems to have been mitigated by a desire to retain access to VirusTotal’s resources. I’ll probably come back to that.

David Harley

Posted by: David Harley | August 31, 2016

OPSWAT partners with AV-Test and AV-Comparatives

OPSWAT press release:

OPSWAT Partners with AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives for Enhanced Certification Program

More information about the *programme here.

*What, you expected me to use the US spelling?😉

David Harley

Posted by: David Harley | August 30, 2016

AV-Test: parental control apps test

Here are the results of a recent test by AV-Test asking (and answering) the question  ‘Is security software for Android with parental control functions sufficient to protect our children or is it better to have a special parental control app?’

Test: Parental Control Apps for Android

David Harley
ESET Senior Research Fellow 
(This isn’t an ESET blog, but since ESET did well in the test I guess I should point out that I work with ESET as a consultant, though I have nothing to do with their marketing or product development.)

Posted by: David Harley | August 30, 2016

AMTSAR feature security check

As I’ve mentioned here before, AMTSO has made available a number of tools it calls ‘Feature Security Checks’. These are intended to make it easier for end-users or system administrators to ‘to ensure that endpoint security products are configured to protect you from viruses, drive-by-downloads, potentially unwanted applications (PUA), archived malware and phishing and cloud attacks.’ These are based on industry-standard tests such as the EICAR test file, and the tools currently available include checks for both desktop solutions and Android devices.

ESET’s partner in Croatia has now offered an additional tool which acts as a wrapper, launching six of the seven desktop checks currently available (it doesn’t do the drive-by test at present). It’s available in Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions. No documentation: just follow the prompts. I believe there will be a more polished version available in due course.

David Harley
ESET Senior Research Fellow

Posted by: David Harley | August 19, 2016

AV-Test on Android security apps

Davey Winder asks some interesting questions about AV-Test’s latest test of Android security apps. Is Android as easy to secure as the latest AV-TEST results appear to suggest?

A number of people, including ESET’s Mark James, attempt to answer those questions, but unfortunately the article boils them down to soundbites. Maybe I’ll come back to this one.

David Harley
ESET Senior Research Fellow

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